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Prevention and Security Studies Agency provides guided and inspiring environments for people with open and awake minds to learn and grow with us. Our commitment to education allows us to achieve more than exceptional results in the field of security management.

  • We strive to develop discerning, confident, and creative principals, and our goal is to provide an education that is truly relevant to your future.
  • We are an e-learning academy focused on professional development.
  • Our students graduate from the course with the character and self-confidence to achieve their goals, equipped with the knowledge and professional skills to succeed in the hotel security industry.
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In today's rapidly changing and competitive environment, security is crucial for the success of the hotel industry. Hotels must ensure the safety of their guests, employees, and assets to protect their reputation, minimize financial losses, and comply with legal regulations. Our hotel security courses are designed to equip hospitality professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet these challenges.

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Our industry experts proactively update our hotel security courses regularly, guaranteeing you have the most up-to-date knowledge on evolving threats and best practices.

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Benefit from the real-world expertise of our instructors. Combining extensive experience in the hotel industry with proven security qualifications, they are uniquely positioned to deliver training that equips you with the skills to excel.


We provide a diverse range of course options to help you find the one that best suits your needs and schedule, maximizing your learning efficiency.





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Main Courses




Hospitality Security Director    

Embark on a journey to becoming a master of hotel security management with the most comprehensive course available.




Hospitality Security Officer    

Acquire the indispensable security expertise to excel as a highly sought-after Security Officer in today's demanding world.




Emercengy Plans    

Empower yourself with the knowledge to identify, plan for, prevent, mitigate, and protect against potential emergencies.