Protocols for Action

They answer the question of "What to do in the event of a certain event?", unlike manuals that answer the question of "How does something do or work?"




Protocols for Action    

A course aimed at developing action protocols for crimes, terrorist attacks, explosions, robberies, and other crimes and unauthorized actions.

Protocols for Action

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10.00 am - 6.00 pm (UTC+04.00)

Risks and unforeseen events

Action protocols in a hotel are essential to guarantee quick and safe responses to emergencies, protecting guests and staff.

Provides specific knowledge on how to act in critical situations such as fires, evacuations or security threats, improving the response capacity of personnel.

Management and protection

We teach your team the necessary action protocols to manage the most important risks, ensuring a safe and calm environment for the hotel.

Ensures that guests and employees are protected by implementing clear and effective procedures to manage risk situations.

Regulation and legality

Each member of the hotel staff will be trained in the specific action protocols for their role, ensuring a coordinated and effective response at all times.

Helps the hotel comply with safety regulations and standards established by local and international authorities, minimizing legal risks and improving the establishment's reputation.

Professionalism and efficiency

Our action protocols are regularly reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and adaptation to new emerging situations, maintaining high safety standards.

Staff trained in action protocols can handle incidents in a professional and empathetic manner, maintaining customer satisfaction even in adverse circumstances.

Guarantees and compensations

Training in action protocols prepares security personnel and employees to act calmly and effectively in the face of any potential incident.

By preventing accidents and minimizing property damage in emergencies, the course helps reduce costs associated with improperly managed incidents, such as repairs and loss of income.