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We, the Prevention and Security Studies Agency, provide conductive and inspiring environments for open and inquisitive minds to learn and grow with us. Our commitment to education enables us to achieve more than exceptional results. We strive to develop confident and creative thinkers and our goal is to provide an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an e-learning academy focused on professional development. Our students finish the course with the character and self-assurance to achieve their set goals, equipped with the real-world knowledge and skills that carry them forward in the hospitality security industry.

Only hope, through study and experience, may unlock the doors to knowledge, allowing us to reach the life’s goals.

R.Casas — CEO


The Hospitality Security Management Advance Course offers comprehensive information, essential to professionally carry out the work of Director of Security in the hospitality field, providing management tools, action protocols, risk studies and emergency and security plans.
Prevention, considered the most important task in security, is broken down to the point of being able to be implemented without difficulty, both in risk prevention and mitigation.
In addition, it contains unpublished risk assessment formulas, a new and efficient code structure, as well as enough knowledge to be able to carry out our own statistics, this last topic being largely forgotten in hotel security. You will also find the detailed structure of the Security Plan, our main work tool, without forgetting human and material resources, budgeting, accidents, loss prevention, crime commission, natural disasters, first aid, interrogations, etc.

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The contents have been selected from various disciplines, with prevalence of prevention, mitigation and evacuation.


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