PSS Agency offers very competitive prices in the hotel security sector, without affecting the quality of our services or their content, achieving an excellent quality-price ratio.

Groups on-line

Online hotel safety courses improve the protection of guests, employees and properties through specialized training in first aid, fire plans, emergencies, evacuation, action protocols and safety reports. They offer flexibility and access from anywhere, which include validated certification, ensuring a safe and professional environment in the hospitality sector.

  • We provide those responsible for training security personnel with a complete monthly report with the students' study times, as well as a final report with the grades obtained.
  • We model the requested courses to the typology of the hotel, its location, status, risks and threats, focusing the learning on the hotel where they are hired.
  • Inquire about custom pricing and availability.
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Face-to-face groups

We offer a hotel security training program that adapts to the specific needs of your hotel, delivered directly in your own establishment, giving you the convenience and flexibility of training all your staff without the need to travel. The courses offered in person belong to the "Operational" category except OSH.

  • Select the courses you are interested in that are taught in person.
  • The courses are personalized according to the contracting hotel, providing a certificate to the participating students, after passing an exam for each course taken.
  • Solicite información sobre precios personalizados y disponibilidad.

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